As an experienced and qualified garden designer/landscaper, we guarantee for the perfect design of your future garden or green area. Whether it is about a design and/or construction of a plattelandstuin, city garden, industrial park or construction of a lawn, you can always count on our enormous passion, experience and creative skills. For many years we are in contact with the most professional suppliers in the country and abroad, who help ensure that we achieve a high quality and distinctive end result. We take care of your garden from A to Z with a specialization in plants.

What is landscape gardening?

Architecture is a very broad word in the sense that it is not only going to difficult structures, but rather to the perfect layout of the room, the final form(s) and the use of attractive plants, solitary trees,shrubs and appropriate materials as a good basis. In particular, the knowledge of plants, trees, shrubs, bulbs, structure and materials is a must in order to a perfectly finished whole. There, you can at Yamadori , of course, count on it !!!

How are we going to work?


First is a verkenningsgesprek planned where we along to see what is important to you in your future garden. It is not a must, but it can be an advantage for both parties to make in advance a personal list which certainly should not be missing. Of course, you can also rely on our own knowledge and creative input to up to an attractive whole. The environment, type of house, position of the sun, the structure and the existing vegetation play a major role, since it is entirely in harmony with the environment to be able to fully enjoy your garden. You have a good feeling about this call, then the measurement of the space and the existing condition be included. May be there grondstalen taken to keep the pH of the soil to determine. With all this information we can then proceed to the drafting of a basisschets.

Garden design

Before we reach a final design, it is a basisschets made. Here you will get the first impression of the shape, the establishment of the use of planting, materials and, possibly, terrace, pergola, pond and garden path(and). After the discussion and approval of the basisschets and the budget available, it is proceeded to the next phase, namely the final design.

In the final design, everything is recorded of what has been agreed with the customer. This is the perfect view shows how your future garden will look like. A detailed planting plan, plantlist and a detailed quote of the work to be carried out will be clear. After the client's approval, we move on to implementation.


This is the phase where we proceed to the construction of your garden. Depending on what is agreed with the customer are carried out following works:

* Earthworks

Earthworks can involve the ground and disposed of should be, as well as the cultivation of the soil by means of soil improvers such as humus, lava, sand,turf, fertilizing, etc. This may differ from the type of planting. All these works are carried out with professional equipment to guarantee the quality.

* Paving

This is the phase which is the planting in advance. Here are the contours of the garden is determined. The construction of the terrace, embroidery and the like are in this phase will be implemented. This gives already a first impression of how your garden in reality is classified.

* Planting

The planting of the garden is with the utmost knowledge and care performed. The preliminary groundwork to ensure that the plants, trees, shrubs and hedges to be planted in the ground structure that they desire. A phase where we set the bar very high. This is only the finish of the garden, now and in the future.

* Construction lawn

The construction of a lawn requires a lot of knowledge. The structure here is of an enormous importance with the eye on a bright green lawn. This is the leisure place of your garden. Both for you, your children and your grandchildren to enjoy fun times in the hot summer evenings. The lawn can be either sown or with sod be laid out.


After the landscaping of your garden, you can count on our specialized knowledge to keep your garden in perfect condition to maintain.

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