We get often the question, what does Yamadori?

Yamadori is basically a Japanese bonsai term which literally means "trees to collect from the wild". We generalize this term by the interest/sale of wild bulbs, plants, shrubs and trees with an Asian origin. Of course, Japan-us preferred, but the Asian continent is, however, so great that the supply from the other countries at least as interesting.

What is the part bonsai, profiling us in the landscaping by the use of trees in pot and treat trees and shrubs in open soil and garden bonsai or snoeivorm. Know that we are not only Asian trees and shrubs as snoeivorm use in the landscaping but that all plants, and each style is perfectly possible. More on this in the section axes.


Yamadori is a company specializing in the sale of mainly Asian plants and bulbs. But contains the assortment of plenty of spectacular wild plants and varieties from a number of European countries. A nursery we are not but before we have goods to offer, we have this already for a number of years observed. Only this way we can provide the perfect info about the growth and hardiness of the plant. Yamadori revolves around the sale of imported goods from Asia, and certain countries from Europe.

Arisaema (Cobralelie), Anemone and Lily have a permanent place in our range but is further enhanced with Fritillaria, Trillium, Pleione, Irises and a number of exclusivities.

As previously mentioned, we observe first the plants for a long time. If we are convinced of the properties they are bought and offered in the shop. In that way, it may be that the range of annually interspersed by new products and/or products that are not available in the relevant year.

Every year, we do our utmost to provide a unique range to offer, with plenty of plants that are not always in mass to purchase. Because of this, if you buy something special and, therefore, not always harder than any other plant out of the contemporary range of our colleagues.

Through our reliable contacts in the netherlands and abroad, we are still able to perfect products to deliver.